Selected Movies

Sexual S. Mediterranea Laying Egg

Sexual S. mediterranea are hermaphrodites that cross-fertilize. This movie shows a pregant worm laying an egg capsule; a single capsule can contain multiple embryos.

Hydra regeneration

This movie shows a regenerating hydra. If hydras would be huge, they would be really scary monsters - as in the Greek mythology.

Asexual reproduction

Fission in asexual S. mediterranea. The entire movie is ~60min long. Interesting are the two phases of elongation before division occurs.

Gliding Planarians

Freshwater planarians move in a straight gliding motion using cilia at the ventral side beating in a layer of mucus.

S. Mediterranea hunting artemia

This little planarian fights hard for his prey - all good things are three also seems to hold in the planarian world!

S. Mediterranea Eating Liver

Our planarians are spoiled: They only eat organic liver pate. For a protocol of how to make this liver paste, see our protocols site.

Cell Sorting of Zebrafish Germ Layer Tissues

Ectoderm (lefty-1 overexpressing) cells (red) and mesendoderm (cyclops overexpressing) cells (green) in a hanging drop setup. Olympus DSU, 10x magnification. 4 frames/sec. Total duration approx. 16h

Cell Movements in the Zebrafish Shield in Vivo

2-photon microscopy, 20x magnification. 2 min intervals.

Viscous Response of Zebrafish Embryonic Tissue in the Tissue Surface Tensiometer.